Welcome to the future home of Shelby County Tea Party Patriots!

Hello there!  Just a brief note to say that currently this page is under construction.  We are moving in, painting the walls, and rearranging the furniture! 

We hope to have something of substance for you here soon!  But like our movement...this site belongs to you...THE PEOPLE.  And like us, I hope this will be an ever changing work of progress as we expand our base, increase our knowledge of one another, and grow in experience!  This will be a place to find local Tea Parties, and like minded conservative organizations!  We hope to have links to your local, state, and federal elected officials, not to mention current hot issues...locally and in Nashville and Washington!

As I learn to navigate this new home, I want to hear from you.  I want your ideas and suggestions in order to help me make this ...YOUR....voice.

Feel free to email me at eweimer@midsouthteaparty.org.

Hope to hear from many of you!

Til then....

your favorite "Pink Lady"....elizabeth